Introducing Elysium Real Estate

Sean & Samantha Cary are excited to introduce Elysium Real Estate Noosa to the residents of Elysium.  Elysium Real Estate is owned and operated by Sean & Samantha Cary, who are both well known in Elysium, with Sean having managed sales in the estate for developer AVJennings since they acquired the project in early 2011, giving them an unmatched knowledge of the estate and the local market.  Sean holds a Masters Degree in Property and is a Licenced Real Estate Agent with over a decade of experience in the Noosa property market.  He honed his skills with one of Noosa’s most respected Real Estate firms in Hasting Street before branching out to work locally for large private and publicly listed development companies, selling land and apartments and achieving excellent results in both.  Sean & Sam are taking this expertise to provide a boutique real estate service to Elysium and the wider Noosa community.  “Based on site in the current sales office and with unmatched knowledge of the estate ensures we are well placed to provide the best possible real estate service to the area.  If you have any questions or need advice regarding the local market, please do not hesitate to contact us or just drop by the sales office for a chat at any time.”

Market Report

We aim to provide a regular, quarterly market report to residents, giving an overview of the market activity in the area.  We trust this is of interest.  The past 2 years has seen a very strong level of sales activity with AVJenings selling around 150 lots in this time whilst steadily escalating prices.  Avjennings currently have 7 lots available priced from $330,000 to $420,000, which Elysium Real Estate are handling the sale of on their behalf.  Remarkably, only 2 years agocomparable blocks were selling for $240,000 to $305,000!  There are also a couple of re sale lots available in the high $300,000 to low $400,000 price range.  May saw the developer increase prices by $15,000 on the last 10 lots, which slowed sales rates significantly, however activity has resumed at a consistent rate, albeit at lower volumes than earlier in the year. 

Building activity remains constant with new builds starting virtually every week.  We have started to see several re sale homes come to the market and results have been mixed as the market establishes it self and buyers become comfortable with where values sit.  There have been sales in the mid $700,000 through to the low $800,000’s, with Sean handling the sale of 18 Smoke Bush Drive and achieving a price in the mid $700,000 range.  A house in Bennetts Ash Road over looking the lagoon has also sold for a price reported to be in the low $800,000 range.  This carries on from the sale of 5 Black Beech Road late last year in the high $700,000 range and 21 Smoke Bush in the mid $700,000 range.  There are currently6 houses for sale in the estate asking between $699,000 through to $900,000.  The original architecturally designed homes continue to offer extraordinary value, with the few sales that have occurred occurring at well below replacement cost.  As always in real estate, properties that are priced to the market are selling well. 

Demand for rental properties in the estate has been strong for the past 3 years, however can vary season to season.  Winter tends to see less demand in Noosa in general, with September through until May seeing stronger demand and higher rents being achieved.  As an investment, the area should provide strong returns as only around 42 of the 189 properties in the estate are investments, which is less than 25% of the total housing stock.